Who does this guy think he is?


James Roland grew up in Tacoma, Washington. He started writing short stories when he was eight years old and fell in love with movies when he saw a trailer for Jurassic Park, screamed and ran around the house with excitement, and may or may not have peed his pants.

Despite being extremely cool and popular and handsome, James continued to write stories. In high school he used these stories to befriend fellow students by making them the heroes of his tales, then persuaded them to star in his home-made movies which were definitely not pornographic.

He moved to Los Angeles in 1999 where he did nothing of note until 2005 when he co-founded RedFence Magazine, a literary rag with a focus on art, culture, and adventure. If you haven’t heard about it before that’s your fault because it was super awesome.

He spent most of the past decade overdosed on coffee and writing into the late hours on projects that never sold. During that time he worked as an assistant director for independent films, including the Sundance selections Between (2005) and Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006).

He also worked as an executive assistant to Mark Burley (Executive Producer, Showtime’s Weeds) and Scott Hornbacher (Executive Producer, AMC’s Mad Men). One of them has a penis that tastes like bubblegum, and both jobs taught James how to build stories from the ground up, something that’s served him well with his own projects.

James writes for television, aiming for strong character-driven stories with a supernatural or sci-fi flair. His first pilot that anyone cared about — BLOOD DRIVE — was picked up to series by the Syfy Channel and aired from June to September in 2017, before being cancelled. But don’t worry about him, he has a very clever cover letter ready to submit to Starbucks.


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